Lets try Trading+Blogging

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Hey everyone,

This is another step i am taking to help people get a better idea and awareness about value of investment in life and Indian stock market. Here i am providing an opportunity for you guys to learn and interact with other users, so feel free to comment your views and ideas,

1) In coming posts i will be putting regular updates and predictions of nifty and bank nifty.

2) i will be sharing some of my trade ideas for swing traders.

3) i will try to put out all the information possible for you guys to learn

( let me know if yo have any ideas that i should start posting about)

I wanted to keep this short because traders only talk business.

so lets hope for the best guys, stay updated and visit daily for regular updates and ideas,

Lets begin this journey with a happy and harsh quote.

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