Premium membership comes with a lot benefits, read below for detailed information.


 Key learning

  • Basic of stock market and trading​

  • New strategies  and techniques

  • Live support and discussion through out market hours and after market hours

  • How to do predict movement, indicators , charting and everything

  • Make your own watch list

  • Money and risk management



  • You will get access to our premium channel where you will get accurate signals on what stocks to buy and sell with time to time updates.

  • You will get calls of equity , options , futures. which will consist intra-day, swing and positional trades.

  • You will receive a course to read in PDF format which you can read anytime and anywhere. It is also weekly updated with new content.

  • You will get experience of live discussions and live conferences to learn new things and talk to me anytime you want

  • You will get constant live support during market hours, related to any trade or doubt you have related to active trades.

  • Doubts and video conferences can be requested anytime after market hours and we will be available to help you.


  • Here at Turning Point we believe in learning from experience rather than just reading and depending on others.

  • It will take time but you will definitely learn and become a profitable trader.

  • Patience and consistency is the first step in becoming a successful trader.


  • This membership is valid for 3 Months only from the date of payment.


  • Charges for this Premium membership is just Rs. 5000.